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Research & Development
Film Technology

Avery Pharma being one of the leading manufacturers of MDS has its facility and R & D unit in compliance with WHO norms and regulations and it is fitted with state-of-the-art machineries that develop innovative drug delivery systems.

Our formulation department is matched with all the latest developmental tools and our in house analytical laboratory executes the entire range of the product’s life-cycle from method development and validation to long-term stability testing for registration purposes.

We’ve invested in the most technologically advanced equipment for the development of our ingenious drug delivery systems and our expert R & D team has a proven track record of excellence in developing resourceful solutions for the pharma sector.

We also ensure timely, reproducible results at a reasonable cost thanks to our robust information technology and integrated quality assurance procedures that are completely cGMP compliance guaranteed.

Engineering film formulation/properties for improving drug delivery outcomes

At Avery, a team of medically qualified professionals, product engineers, research veterans, and IT experts work together to conceptualize and formulate products that deliver real clinical benefits. Each step remains open to be optimized for better outcomes. The team has the benefit of being networked deep within the national and global healthcare scene. Collaborating with the most trusted of global licensing & regulatory bodies helps to meet regulatory compliance.

  • Team of highly qualified & experienced scientists and technicians
  • On-premise specialists for formulation development and stability studies
  • Customization scope for different demographics/patient groups/populations

With MDS, Avery wants to cover all major therapy areas and help drug manufacturers expand the scope of oral-film delivery for various medicinal formulations, across a wider array of diseases/conditions. Trust Avery’s oral mouth dissolving strips to:

  • Eliminate limitations related to drug portability, storage, safe-keeping
  • Remove risks related with over- & under- dosing
  • Meet market-ready packaging demands
  • Be available in a scalable production model

Our research-oriented approach can help unlock answers to tomorrow’s problems and provideanswers to existing healthcare challenges. The Avery R&D team:

  • Believes in multi-targeted solutions [one technology to tacklevarious patient care challenges]
  • Endorses breakthrough research to unlock the potential of what hasn’t been tried yet
  • Remains enthusiastic about leveraging its processes via futuristic digital tools
  • Is scaling-up with early-phase and late-stage development products
  • Is sensitive about its environment impact [progressively reducing its ecological impact]