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Commercial Production

Our production plant houses the latest European technology based coating and packaging machines installed in a clean room environment. The premise is solely dedicated to manufacture mouth dissolving strips with flexible coating widths depending on our client’s requirements. Our operating procedures comply with stringent WHO-GMP standards and regulations so that you receive timely, quality guaranteed, reproducible, and effective products for the market.

We are the only dedicated plant for manufacturing mouth dissolving strip in India. Our production is capable to handle large scale production with wide batch size and can operate 24×7 to meet timely delivery requirements . Our operational team monitors and regulate the operations of the facility as per regulations and conduct timely audits to ensure quality outcome.

Our Manufacturing Expertise

GMP-certified, US FDA Compliant Manufacturing Facility

Avery Pharmaceutical’s manufacturing capabilities are fueled by AGTL’stechnologically-advanced infrastructure – a pharmaceutical-focused manufacturing setup that conforms to globally approved practices. As a result, each of Avery’s products comes with the assurance of having undergone multiple quality checks and their performance is well documented, with exhaustive research data.

Manufacturing Standardsat Avery

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Fully integrated infrastructure spread over 20,000 square feet
  • Separate sections for quarantine and packaging
  • Dedicated laboratories for formulation development, quality analysis, and quality control
  • Complying with regulatory authorities for ethical manufacturing processes
  • Maximum support for contract manufacturing
  • Greater transparency for 3rd-party manufacturing projects
  • Specialized, Quality Control & Quality Assurance teams

Pharma Technology Experts at Work

Avery product development teams look into every detail! Before a drug is approved for Avery MDS, we have to scrutinize the drug candidacy. This includes ensuring that the film does not create a nauseating taste or doesn’t bother the oral surfaces, not leading to allergic reactions. But allergenicity is not the only issue! With each medicine targeted for oral film delivery, possible adverse reactions are a challenge and need careful elimination. Something as basic as causing dental erosion might surface as a big challenge because of unique pharmacological ingredients. Similarly, for some drugs, retaining the water-solubility might be difficult while others might need more control over the dissolution rate—one of the many considerations with the Avery Product Development team! 

No-compromise Quality Standards

Quality standards remain the primary governing factor, embedded across the MDS development process at Avery Pharmaceuticals. We are committed to constantly testing and improving every aspect of our drug delivery technology. We adhere to intensive, in-house testing. The in-house SOPs have been developed in-sync with the strictest regulatory norms. We are also getting more international accreditation. From patenting, to regulatory global filings to developing dossiers, profiling complex chemistry, and clinical trials, quality-focused standards are not relaxed at any stage.