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MDS Technology old


MDS is one of the easiest way to administer a drug orally as it is convenient, cost effective, and easily carried out, which leads to higher patients’ compliance to treatment.

The patient simply places the strip on the tongue, where it instantaneously starts dissolving upon contact with saliva. The released drug is effectively absorbed by the highly permeable buccal mucosa, allowing it a direct entry into the body’s systemic circulation by evading first pass metabolism. This feature not only helps potentiate the drug’s actions but also allows for lower doses to be formulated for intended pharmacological effects.

MDS Physical Features Clinical Highlights Patient Benefits
Sugar free Instantly dissolves on contact with saliva without any additional need for water or need of chewing/swallowing No choking hazards
Vegan coating More convenient for dosing as compared to other solid and semisolid dosage forms. Increased palatability due to efficient taste masking with different flavors
Water soluble Buccal deliveries allow direct entry of the drug into systemic circulation bypassing first pass metabolism and hence a quicker onset of drug action Convenient for children, elderly, bedridden, unconscious and those patients that have other physical and psychological barriers to swallowing solid dosage forms
Non bulky Rapidly disintegrates within the oral cavity releasing the active drug quickly Can be easily administered to uncooperative and difficult patients
Non sticky Facilitates high dose precision Negligible weight and compactness, making it convenient for the patient to handle
Flavored Increases formulation stability and shelf life because the drug moiety has lesser chances of undergoing oxidation & hydrolysis Safer and quicker drug deliverance. Improves adherence to treatment
Flexible Apt for delivering nanotechnology based formulations The dosage can be taken anytime and anywhere
Tear resistant Lower doses can be administered for pharmacological effects, thus reducing drug induced side effects Easily portable with no risk of spillage and breakage

Creating New Standards for Oral Drug Delivery

An in-depth analysis of other mouth-dissolving strips indicates that Avery’s MDS is the preferred medium for most commercially prescribed drugs & specialty medicines. This is because Avery’s technology experts have succeeded where others, oral film-makers,continue to struggle. Avery’s MDS assures that drug manufacturers and healthcare professionalsneed – controlled, consistent &faster dosing, without risks.

Irrefutable Advantages of Avery’s Mouth Dissolving Strips

By overcoming limitations associated with all other conventional oral solid dosage forms,Avery’s Mouth Dissolving Strips are positioned for more mainstream adoption!


Instant Action

[Boosts Relevance for Urgent Dosing]

  • Overcomes slow onset caused by the hepatic first-pass effect
  • Rapid disintegration of the strip ensures quick release of the active drug
  • Very useful for critical medicines that need instant onset of drug action
  • Direct drug absorption through the buccal cavity into the systemic circulation

Vegan Coating

[100% Vegetarian Assurance]

  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and patients with reservations about animal-sourced ingredients
  • Useful for patients/families looking for Halal or Kosher standard options

Water Soluble

[Boosts Drug Onset Action Time]

  • The strip starts dissolving as soon as it makes contact with saliva
  • No need to consume water to wet the strip – boosting ease of dosing

No Choking Hazards

[Non-Sticky, No Chewingor Swallowing Needed]

  • Our strip does not stick & it does not leave any residue in the mouth
  • Starts dissolving instantly upon making contact with saliva
  • No need to swallow or chew
  • Helps patients with physical or psychological barriers related to swallowing

Pleasantly Flavored

[Increases palatability]

  • Any unpleasant taste can be masked with a specific flavor
  • Highly relevant for pediatrics, providing caregivers assurance of more palatability, even during urgent dosing
  • Scope to customize the flavor

Tear Resistant

[Flexible, Compact & Portable]

  • Prevents tearing when pulled or stretched inappropriately
  • High resistance to damage due to folding
  • Negligible weight & compact form boosts portability for on-the-move dosing

Boosts Patient Compliance

[Eliminates Dosing Challenges]

  • Child-friendly mouth dissolving strips are useful for dosing toddlers & kids
  • Can be easily administered to uncooperative, difficult-to-dose patients
  • Can be used for bedridden patients and those with compromised mental acuity
  • Useful for dosing patients with compromised muscular control, mobility, strength, or coordination