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Avery Pharmaceutical

Avery Pharmaceuticals PVT LTD is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arrow Greentech Limited. Since its establishment, Arrow Greentech has contributed 27 years in heralding innovative pharmaceutical solutions to improve patient care. It has pioneered the advent of water soluble and edible film technologies and is its patent holder and a leading manufacturer in the global market today. After witnessing phenomenal success with water soluble films, Arrow Greentech envisions the opportunity to commercialize their patented product as a new drug delivery system targeting major therapeutic segments such as Cardiology, Diabetes, CNS, Gastrointestinal, Gynecology, as well as Nutraceuticals, so as to make a substantial difference in the way patients will henceforth receive their doses.

Revolutionizing Contemporary Healthcare Standards

A specialty pharmaceutical company, Avery Pharmaceuticals [AP] is committed to raising medical care standards via its revolutionary healthcare technologies. A 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Arrow Greentech Limited [AGTL], the company is committed to the cause of enhancing patient outcomes with a novel approach to oral drug administration, via its Mouth Dissolving Strips [MDS].

An Insight into Avery’s Approach to Oral Thin Films

Avery’s MDS surpasses the contemporary standards for Oral Thin Films [OTFs], where the global OTF market is valued at US$ 2,100.0 Million in 2017 and anticipated to grow at 13% CAGR during 2018 –2026.Developed using patented Embedded Water Soluble Film Technology and a first-of-its-kind Casting Method; Avery Strips can overcome challenges associated with conventionaloral dosing. This form of drug delivery is relevant for standard & unique dosing requirements, compatible with a wide spectrum of Thin Film Drugs. MDS is the perfect alternative dosage medium, with definite potential for mainstream acceptance as it ensures faster drug delivery without compromising dosing precision or drug effectiveness.

AGTL’s R&D Intensive DNA at the Core of Avery’s Innovation

Avery Pharmaceuticalsbenefits from the research-focused heritage of AGTL – an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company that has more than 25 years of industry-wide recognition. Avery’s oral film-development capabilities have been strengthened by AGTL’s inarguable abilities that are underlined by global patents for Mouth Melting Strips, Gel Strips, Medicated Film Wrapper, Multilayered Films, Entrapped Water Soluble Film Systems, and Water Soluble Films. The AGTL portfolio is rich with first-of-its-kind film-based products like packaging films, soap films, mold-release films, and water transfer printing filmsapart from films for agrochemicals, enzymes, and dyes.

Avery Vision

Driven towards becoming a leader in creating innovative & sustainable solutions for the healthcare industry

Rather than dividing our expertise across multiple lines of business, our team is dedicated to one, unified cause—to remove the existing barriers in conventional medical care. For instance, with Avery MDS, we are creating more, first-of-its-kind healthcare possibilities, expanding the scope of patient care. We are driven by what is considered ‘impossible’ – it challenges us to work harder, outshine the conventional, and comeup with solutions that can be labeled as industry ‘breakthroughs’. Yes, we are aware of our carbon footprints and the journey to a more sustainable future is already underway.

Creating Technology Awareness is a Priority

We realize that the real potential of emerging healthcare technologies is often unrealized due to sluggish, awareness efforts. The application scope of our oral stripis immense and we are vocal about it. We want to sensitize more patient populations about it and remove misbeliefs/myths about such drug delivery mediums. We are ready for our technology to be tested &adopted for a wider group of diseases, conditions, and health management requirements. We are actively working with more overseas partners, research facilities, R&D teams, clinical trial settings, and healthcare professionals to achieve this goal. This should also help to drop apprehensions associated with technology providers & third-party manufacturing setups—challenges true to the pharmacological manufacturing niche.

Patient Centricity is Our Guiding Principle

The founding philosophy of Arrow Greentech Limited [AGTL] is echoed across Avery—we truly believe that by overcoming handicaps associated with conventional healthcare technologies, we can bring about a meaningful difference to the community. Essentially, we are driven towards uplifting the quality of care with a clear bias for patient benefits. We are enriching our research pipeline and research efforts in-sync with this ideology.